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  • Axle/CV Joint Repair (FWD)


  • Axle/Driveshaft Repair (RWD, 4WD)


  • Brakes: Standard or ABS


  • Clutch Repair


  • Diesel Engine Systems


  • Differential Repair


  • Electric: Batteries  Sell and Install


  • Electric: Electrical and Electronic Systems


  • Electric: Starting and Charging


  • Engine: Diagnostics and Performance


  • Engine: Service/Repair  Major


  • Engine: Service/Repair  Minor


  • Exhaust Systems


  • Four Wheel Drive Systems


  • Glass Repair/Replace/Tinting


  • Heating and Air Conditioning


  • Preventative Maintenance


  • Preventative Maintenance: Severe Schedule


  • Quick Lube and Oil Change


  • Radiator Repair/Replacement


  • Steering and Suspension


  • Transmission: Automatic Service/Repair  Minor


  • Transmission: Automatic Service/Repair  Major


  • Transmission: Manual Service/Repair


  • Vehicle Inspection: Total


  • Wheels/Tires: Alignment


  • Wheels/Tires: Mounting and Balancing


  • Wheels/Tires: Sell, Install, Repair Tires


  • Wheels/Tires: Sell, Install Wheels


  • Engine Performance Analysis

Description: Evaluate the overall performance of the engine.


  • 7,500 Mile Service

Description: Perform 7,500 mile preventative maintenance service.


  • 15,000 Mile Service

Description: Perform 15,000 mile preventative maintenance service.


  • 30,000 Mile Service

Description: Perform 30,000 mile preventative maintenance service.


  • 60,000 Mile Service

Description: Perform 60,000 mile preventative maintenance service.


  • 90,000 Mile Service

Description: Perform 90,000 mile preventative maintenance service.


  • 120,000 Mile Service

Description: Perform 120,000 mile preventative maintenance service.


  • BMW Inspections 1 and 2

Description: Perform preventative maitnenance service on BMW vehicles.


  • Check Engine Light Diagnostics

Description: Perform Diagnostic tests using original BMW, Audi, Mercedes, and Porsche Manufacturer Diagnostic tools.


  • Transmission Maintenance

Description: Perform regular Transmission Maintenance Services.


  • ABS Systems Diagnostics

Description: Perform ABS System Diagnostic Tests using OEM Equipment.


  • Radiator Flow Test

Description: This test is to check for flow of coolant through the radiator. Looking for blockages.


  • Radiator Core Repair

Description: This is a repair to fix small leaks in the radiator core.


  • Radiator Flush

Description: This service will remove light blockages and minor debris.


  • Radiator Pressure Test

Description: To pressure test the radiator for leaks.


  • Radiator Replacement

Description: Replace the radiator, refill with coolant, ensure there are no air pockets, and pressure check system for leaks.


  • Radiator Core Replacement

Description: To remove radiator, and replace the core reusing the radiator tanks.

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